Hi There!

We're Asteroid Host.

The Asteroid Host team.


Asteroid Host is a small game hosting company providing high quality services to those who need it. We take pride in assisting as much as we can and making sure your server runs at maximum speed 24/7.


Asteroid Host's story all starts in April 2019...

We imagined a hosting company with it's priorities centered around providing gamers with high quality servers at an affordable rate. We took our ideas, and put them to paper.

Asteroid got started on understanding where other hosting companies fell short. We decided to focus in on three core features, as well as fixing the little things. However, these were still just ideas.

Fast forward to October 2021, where the team got started on things again after the COVID-19 pandemic calmed. This time, we really wanted to focus on plans that target rising community owners. We take pride in making sure everyone has a smooth experience with all of our plans.

Over the next couple of months, our release was slowly planned as our team really wanted everything to be highly functional and fresh. That leads us to today...

Today Asteroid Host is doing what we set out to do 3 whole years ago... focusing on the community.

Meet our team here!